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PSV men: We’re being targeted

Randy Bennett

PSV men: We’re being targeted

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Public service vehicle (PSV) operators are crying foul over what they say is unfair treatment by lawmen.
Several irate PSV drivers and operators told the MIDWEEK NATION they felt that they were being targeted not only by police officers, but also by the legal system as well.
Adrian Millington, who has been a driver and conductor for over 20 years, said that during the past six months the situation had become overbearing.
“The other day, a driver went to court for having six excess passengers and he was forced to pay $600 forthwith,” Millington said. “We are out here trying to earn an honest living just like everybody else.
“We aren’t robbing anyone or we aren’t killing, but yet when we go before the judges, they are fining us large sums of money forthwith or sending us to prison.”