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LIME hit by copper theft

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

LIME hit by copper theft

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Over 200 LIME customers in Six Men’s, St Peter, and surrounding areas woke up this morning to dead phone lines due to severed cables from which the copper was missing. The rubber and plastic was dumped in a nearby cart road sometime in the wee hours yesterday morning.
According to resident Krystal Babb: “When I came home last [Wednesday] night the phone was working and this morning when I woke up and went to use the phone, I realized it was not working, so I called LIME from my cellphone and the lady told me to go outside and check the grey box. I have [yet] to call her back since my cellphone just cut out and I was wondering why the house phone was not working.”
Another resident, Leon Moore, who had just come from a sea bath, said: “I discovered this morning that my phone was not working. It was working up to last night but this morning, no service at all.”
When contacted, LIME’s corporate communications manager Carolyn Williams Gayle said: “A 200-pair cable was stolen from the area this morning and it has affected customers in Six Men’s and surrounding areas.
“A crew is working to restore service within 24 hours and the public is asked to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity around utility poles.” (RL)