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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: The answer to recession

Reverend Errington Massiah

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With the recession and unemployment as it is in Barbados and around the world, some commentators here believe that the private sector will take us out of this situation.
But how can the private sector accomplish such? I do not think they can do it. Government must take the lead. That sector depends on Government for many handouts – contracts on roadworks, repairs to school and other Government buildings.
The Hotel Sector, one of the main engines that drives our economy, always wants some form of relief in taxation from electricity to water.
The latest was in Value Added Tax which was reduced from 17.5 per cent by almost half! What next? It seems to me that they are getting what they want and will continue asking.
Government, not the private sector, solved the milk problem at Pine Hill Dairy which planned to lay off workers and reduce milk intake from farmers.
Then there are big construction firms who will threaten Government and others that if they do not get a contract by a certain time, they will lay off workers because there is no work and usually are given such contracts – what a pity! My biggest concern today is when will this recession end because it is going on longer than anticipated.
Only God knows, for right now the answer is blowing in the wind!