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Veggie prices in time warp

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Veggie prices  in time warp

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FARMERS ARE EARNING the same prices or less for vegetables than they were over 30 years ago.
This was revealed Thursday by Freddie Gale, of Gale Agro Products Limited, and Michael Pile, of Brighton Farms, as they spelt out woes faced in agriculture to Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley.
Gale noted that the vegetable business, to which he devotes 80 acres of his property in St Philip, was now extremely competitive and what affected him most was “the ever-expanding costs of all inputs from electricity back to sprays, fertilization, and the apparent stagnation of the price we get for commodities”.
He and Pile gave examples of the prices for cucumbers, carrots and onions three decades ago, noting they were “not significantly different from what we get today”.