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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Fightin’ dis good fight en easy

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Fightin’ dis good fight en easy

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Dear Nesta,
I still hey abidin’. True, I sweatin’ like a pot cover wid de water pourin’ off muh skin, but I en complainin’. We in de season fuh dis type o’ weathuh, an’ mus’ expeck anyt’ing. I only hope an’ pray dis turrble heat don’ develop into neffin too serious. I cyhan wait to see de en’ o’ November, when evaht’ing suppose to finish.
Burnin’ sun one minute, drenchin’ rain de nex’ mus’ cause people to get sick wid col’s an’ de flu. Add to dis humid weathuh, de en’less bush ’pon de islan’ an’ de dengue mosquitoes appear – an’ we problems begin.
Nowadays, I always got muh spray can to han’, ready fuh anyt’ing I hear buzzin’ by as I livin’ nex’ to some people dat got mo’ trees an’ bush ’pon duh property dan de law allow, an’ it don’ evah occur to dem to do one t’ing ’bout it. Now, I would be de firs’ body to ’gree we need trees fuh oxygen, but dese people really overdoin’ it.
Guvment own a lot o’ de bush ’bout dis islan’ too so dem jes’ as guilty as de bariffle o’ houseowners dat gettin’ ’way from cleanin’ up duh vacant lots. Couple years back, durin’ de Democratic Labour Party firs’ term, Minister Donville Inniss decide ’e would deal wid dese delinquents. But like evaht’ing else, after a while, mos’ people stop payin’ he any min’ an’ it fall by de wayside. Now, wid all dis rain, de bush tekkin’ over de islan’ agen.
We now got de dengue mosquitoes, not to mention rats (leptospirosis) to deal wid, an’ swine flu might be nex’ door in Sin Vincent. Wuhloss!  Summuch viruses an’ bugs in de air nowadays dat yuh scarcely able to breave widout pickin’ up somet’ing.
Ef it en one t’ing, it is anethuh. We might soon ha’ to walk ’bout wearin’ masks fuh protection.
But dah en de bes’. Anybody now pickin’ up a bug might fine duhself in nuff trouble ef it necessary to visit de horspittle or any clinic fuh attention. De Healf Minister now hintin’ de time comin when we gine ha’ to pay user fees fuh visits to any healf care facility. Mo’ fall-out from de mighty Budget.
As ’e say, dis is all part o’ Guvment effort to boos’ revenues, an’ “all Barbadians from all walks have to join this very important struggle . . . . ” I too love dem words. All Barbadians, Mr Minister? Plee-e-ze! 
Dis Budget got summuch twis’s an’ turns an’ ef’s an’ aint’s dat we lef’ to wonder wuh comin’ nex’. Philomena was wonderin’ ef it din better to cancel it altogedduh an’ gi’e we a fresh one.
Anyhow, de PM went straight to de p’int durin’ a recent visit to Toronto when he mek it clear ’e had no plans fuh any Cabinet reshuffle an’ no privatization would be tekkin’ place, eithuh fuh de airport or CBC. I en hear ’bout de Transport Board, doh.     
I always pay good attention to wuh ministers tell de Bajans over an’ away when duh visitin’ dem. Perhaps duh prefer to put duh in de picture firs’ an’ leh we read ’bout it later on. Anyhow, wuhevah de reason, I tekkin’ de PM words serious.   
Privatization rumours now put to res’ at las’? Whoevah t’ought CBC woulda get sell would ha’ to be a real moojin. C’dear, you really expeck any Guvment – B or D – would get rid o’ de faifful moufpiece duh depennin’ ’pon – ’specially at election time – to keep spoonfeedin’ we wid duh agenda? Never happen.
Is good news doh, fuh dat station, as it mean dem en got one t’ing to fear. Is bizness as nusual, an’ leh viewers deal wid de problems.
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie