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Call to list sex predators

Dawne Parris

Call to list sex predators

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Barbados is being advised to publish a list of sex offenders and predators as a major weapon in its fight against child abuse.
The suggestion has come from Lauren Book, a child abuse survivor and founder of Lauren’s Kids – an organization in the United States that educates adults and children about the issue.
She told the DAILY NATION that publishing the names and addresses of sex offenders was not about making life difficult for the perpetrators but making it safe for children.
“It’s really important that we’re aware of who’s out there, where they are, that there are protocols in place for when sex offenders and predators are getting out [of prison] and monitoring them,” Book said after giving her Perspective Of A Victim, Educator And Crime Stopper at the 34th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference at Hilton Barbados yesterday.
“It’s important to realize the recidivism rates. Sex offenders go to jail, they’re not being rehabilitated, and this is something that they will act out on again when they get out of prison. You should be able to know where a sex offender lives, if they move into your neighbourhood. Parents need to know who’s around their children. If I have a sex offender living down the street, I want to know, you should want to know, to educate your children that if you see this person out and he’s asking to play they know what to do.”
Countering the argument that sex offenders who pay their debt to society should be allowed to live without the scrutiny that having their information published would create, Book said the rights of children also had to be taken into consideration.