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DEAR CHRISTINE: I’m a student, a mum and in need

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: I’m a student, a mum and in need

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Dear Christine,
I am a law student at the University of the West Indies and I am striving to become an advocate for women and children.
I am also a struggling single parent of four young children – ages 11, six, two and one. I try my best to keep them fed, clothed and to provide a roof over their heads but at times it gets overwhelming.
I do it alone . . . all alone. The fathers are overseas and contribute little and I have no family support. I have actually had to depend on donations, such as food hampers from charities, just to survive.
I cannot afford to buy my law textbooks and I am still trying to get my six-year-old son registered at school.
Currently, I go to school and do some part-time cleaning here and there. But this, I’m afraid, cannot pay the rent or my bills. I’ve already defaulted on August’s rent payment. My rent is $900 and September has just ended. This scares me because it means that the $900 has doubled up.
I am therefore seeking some financial assistance, any amount will go a long way, just to keep me up to date with my bills. This request for help is just temporary since I am vigorously searching for an evening/weekend job.
If anyone can assist me, whether by providing some financial aid or even in providing me with an evening job so I can pay my bills, I would appreciate it greatly.
Dear CM,
I know it must be hard trying to make ends meet with hardly a job and no real means of support.
I have printed your letter in the hope that some kind-hearted individuals out there will help you in your current situation, either by providing some financial assistance, food items, or giving you that job you so desperately need.
Meanwhile, I will make contact with you to see how your situation can be improved – short-term.
Hang in there!