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Help now!

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President of the Barbados Hotel &?Tourism Association (BHTA), Patricia Affonso-Dass, says there is still to be a rolling out and implementation of some of the initiatives outlined in the 10-point plan for the revitalization of tourism announced by Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy.
Affonso-Dass thinks that the incentives and the provisions that Government has announced to boost the industry “really do need to be made available and accessible in the swiftest possible time”.
“The Government has clearly heard what we are saying and has attempted to address a number of points that we have raised. We need to be able to access those pieces of assistance that have been put out there.
“If you think back to the ten-point plan which was read in July, a fair few of those items have not really been able to be actioned because the modalities that allow you to do that still need to be put in place,” she reported.
Affonso-Dass said it could be counter-productive if something that was meant to provide relief was, for some reason, difficult to access.