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Bus blues

Roy R. Morris and Maria Bradshaw

Bus blues

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A crisis situation at the Transport Board has forced management of the state-owned entity into a series of urgent meetings to figure out how to properly service commuters with a large percentage of its fleet in the repair shop.
And while officials pondered their next move, bedlam reigned in the bus terminals in Bridgetown.
Yesterday evening, hundreds of commuters, including schoolchildren, queued restlessly in long lines at both the main Fairchild Street Terminal and Princess Alice waiting, some for as long as two hours past the scheduled time for a bus.
Many said this had been the norm for several weeks.
A young woman, exhausted from a day’s work, complained vociferously about the delay of the Flat Rock, St George bus which was due to arrive at the Fairchild Street Terminal at 4:30 p.m but never got there until 5:45 p.m.