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Need help repairing parents’ house

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Need help repairing parents’ house

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Dear Christine,
My parents lost their home to fire last month and this has caused me a real financial setback. The house was not insured and many years of labour were destroyed.
At present they are staying in a house which needs repairs but I have no funds to repair the house. The roof is in a really bad condition, but with my children to look after, mortgage to pay (on my own) and the bills to take care of, there is not much I can do for them.
This hurts me really badly, as I would love to see my mother in more comfortable surroundings. I am therefore asking for assistance.
I know replacing the house that was lost to fire will take some time and will be a greater financial burden, but if the house in which they now reside can be repaired, then that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your help.
– Hopeful
Dear Hopeful,
I do not know if there is anyone, organization, or service club that can assist you. I have been told that local organizations such as the Kiwanis, Lions Club and other organizations that are registered as charities are willing to help people like your parents.
I would like to hear from any such organization and ask them their take on a situation such as yours.
I hope you get some favourable responses and I look forward to presenting you with some good news.