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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: We should respect the law

Reverend Errington Massiah

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During the past week there was much debate in the local media about the law against wearing and having camouflage clothing or material.
The law had been passed years ago that camouflage is not to be worn in public and must be obeyed! We should be debating solutions to help the country out of the recession. People who break the law by importing them are the problem!
It is the uniform of the Barbados Defence Force and must be worn by them. If we allow civilians to wear it, how will we know who the soldiers are? Do we let civilians wear police uniforms?
In the WEEKEND NATION last Friday, one youngster said it should not be banned because he loved the camouflage outfit. Since he loves the outfit so much, he should join the army.
The law must be respected by everyone, even visitors to this country. 
Under The Defence Act, “Anyone found guilty of wearing camouflage and not authorized to do so as part of the local military is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $2 000 or imprisonment of one year.”
Come on, let all of us uphold the law in order to build a better Barbados.