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QEH cut off


QEH cut off

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OWED NEARLY $20 MILLION by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), six pharmaceutical companies have stopped supplying 57 different drugs pending payment of outstanding monies.
The unavailability of these drugs, say doctors, means that the care of patients, primarily those with critical chronic non communicable diseases in particular, could be compromised leading to complications, greater ill-health, and in worst case scenarios, possible death.
In a memo last Thursday, chief pharmacist Basil Bradshaw informed the chairperson of the hospital’s drug and therapeutics committee that 57 drugs were being withheld by the suppliers – Collins Ltd, Biokal Ltd,  Brydens Stokes, Pharmacy Sales, RX PRO and Armstrong Health Care – until they are paid.
“Attached is a list of drugs which are currently ‘out of stock’ in the pharmacy department. These drugs are not out of stock locally but are being withheld by the suppliers,” Bradshaw wrote.