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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Yuh win some, yuh lose some!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Yuh win some, yuh lose some!

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Dear Nesta,
Well, muhgirl, we los’! Remember dat case de Jamaican woman Shanique Myrie did bring ’gains’ de Guvment o’ Buhbayduss, claimin’ we treat she inhumane at de airport an’ refuse to leh she enter de country?
Well, after some back an’ forf’ between de Buhbayduss Guvment an’ Jamaica, it lan’ in de Caribbean Court o’ Justice, an’ las’ week de rulin’ duh han’ down was in she favour! Aldoh she axe fuh BDS$1 million in compensation, de court only award she BDS$77 000, but yuh would still ha’ to say she come out de winner! I been wonderin’ doh – an’ I won’ be too surprise ef Al Barak en got de same t’oughts – whey de Guvment gine get money from to pay she! She was smilin’ ’pon TV, sayin’ de case din ’bout money, but ’bout justice! 
In comin’ to dis decision to rule fuh Miss Myrie, de court ’gree dat Buhbayduss breach she rights to enter dis country “widout harassment”! Duh state evaht’ing dat happen to she after she arrive at de airport – includin’ de embarrassin’ body search she allege tek place by de Immigration officers – ’til de time she get deport nex’ day, was harassment! Philomena been followin’ dis story from de start, an’ she tell me dat Miss Myrie’s story ’bout she hos’ name would mek anybody suspicious, but not enough fuh she to get sech rough treatment an’ den get pack back to Jamaica, jes’-so! 
I imagine dis rulin’ en gine suit evahbody! My nighber so vex an’ disapp’int ‘bout it, I en see she fuh de res’ o’ de night after we hear it! I onderstan’ Buhbayduss now got to alter duh laws to be in harmony wid de Treaty o’ Chaguaramus regardin’ free movement o’ Caricom nationals! 
I hope dis court rulin’ gine mek all Caricom countries look into how some Immigration officers treat visitors arrivin’ in duh countries! After all, it en only we dat guilty! Officers now mus’ have a proper reason befo’ duh even t’ink ‘bout “roughin” up a passenger! It seem to me two epaulettes ’pon yuh shoulders an’ a peak cap does gi’e people o’ a certain mentality – in any type o’ wuk, not only at de airport. De belief duh got de power to treat people as rough as duh feel, an’ duh mus’ tek it!
But it en only we Caribbean immigration officers feel it is duh duty to put de fear o’ God in arrivin’ passengers hearts – an’ don’ talk ’bout some Customs officers, when duh tell yuh to “open up”, duh onsmilin’ face lookin’ cruel as de grave! In overseas countries, dem jes’ as rough! Once ’pon a visit to see you, ’ears ago, I see a ole woman from one o’ de islan’s get treat so turrble by de cole, stony-face, white Immigration man, she was nearly in tears. Philomena was travellin’ wid muh at de time an’ she was “mad” to go an’ gi’e ‘e a few “pips”, Bajan-style! I had to drag she back, yuh en know?
Well Miss Myrie, wid de court rulin’ in yuh favour, de gates open fuh Caricom travellers! But dat en to mean Habra, Dabra an’ de crew from any an’ evahwhey could feel dem now got de right to buy a ticket, hop ’pon a plane an’ head to Buybayduss, or any ethuh Caricom country, hopin’ to cahy out duh “funny” bizness, or got all sorts o’ illegal stuff hide way ’bout duh bodies in de mos’ “strange” places, it mean hones’ persons – now knowin’ duh legal rights – could breave a li’l mo’ easy when dat plane tech down at Grantley Adams an’ duh hear de words “Welcome to Barbados”!
Tek care o’ yuhself.
Yuh frien’, Babsie.