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THE NETTE EFFECT: Day the rain ruined my topless outing

Antoinette Connell

THE NETTE EFFECT: Day the rain ruined my topless outing

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Over the weekend I undertook two adventures; in one I went topless.
One was done out of an overriding sense of allegiance, the second at the daring of a couple of friends.
In my escapade on Saturday I was part of the NATION Bandwagon beating a fun-filled path from our Fontabelle headquarters to the panoramic Bath, St John. Sadly I never finished the course and it all had to do with the topless bit I mentioned earlier.
The day started off brilliantly, the sun shone brightly, illuminating every divine creation under its spread. It was the type of day tourists and some locals revel in. Inspired by such splendour, I felt it could only be matched with an au naturel approach.
It was a good day to shed some of the things that weigh us down. With that in mind I set out from home in such a state with four passengers. The reception was what I expected. We were warmly greeted; after all, the way I was travelling was exactly suited for this type of weather.
A very polite motorcycle cop ushered me into the line-up so I felt even more emboldened in this state. Mind you, this was not the first time I had attempted this look.
From St Michael to St James scores of NATION employees made merry handing out treats to hundreds of loyal supporters of the island’s leading newspaper. To mark its 40th, the NATION returned to some of its old-fashioned values, rewarding the goodwill extended to it since 1973.
The caravan wended its way through some of Barbados’ historic and well-known areas and into some forbidden territory. Still I found my state was the best way to make contact with those who lined the streets and still remain part of the formation.
By the time we hit St James, the weather changed. The dark clouds which were way off were now upon us. There was a torrential downpour and my concerned passengers rushed to cover me with umbrellas as I found myself completely exposed.
For the photographers it made for a good picture. With the rain spoiling my topless outing, I beat a hasty retreat home and put the top back on the jeep.
Still it was an enjoyable experience.
On Sunday I took the challenge of my friends to take part in the CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank National Walk/Run for Breast Cancer Awareness 2013.
Actually it was more that I was tricked. My friends, the real walkers, encouraged me to join them. By the time I arrived at the starting point, Tones and Cins had backed out and Blackie informed me he was actually running the 10K. What?
I looked around and found Jans, one of the NATION walkers, who promised that she was just in for a stroll. There was a certain comfort in her words for me a less than amateur walker. The last I saw of Jans was the back of her head as she muttered something about my being a slug and shifted gears.
Nevertheless, I finished the 5K walk in less than an hour. Panting to the finish line with a feeling of accomplishment, I waited on Blackie. Ever dramatic, it was an almost tearful Blackie who rounded the corner to the strains of the gospel song, “My Jesus look where you brought me from”. He’d completed his first 10K.
We found our cheering party Allie and Ja-Ja who were also our ride home. They watched us soaked in perspiration and trying to catch our breaths.
Inspired by our accomplishments, Allie and Ja-Ja vowed that next year they would drop us off again.
• Antoinette Connell is a News Editor.