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CTUSAB ‘fair’ with BWU

Yvette Best

CTUSAB ‘fair’ with BWU

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The Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB) took a “fair” and “reasonable” position with the breakaway Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU).
General secretary Denis DePeiza yesterday stoutly defended his organisation’s withdrawal of BWU representatives from the Employment Rights Tribunal, the National Productivity Council, the National Tripartite Consultation Committee and the appointment to the Members Relations Committee of CTUSAB early last month.
DePeiza explained that the invitations for membership on all the committees and boards, including the ones from which the BWU have been withdrawn, are issued to CTUSAB which then makes the nomination to represent its interests.
Further, DePeiza said CTUSAB took four months to see if the BWU would relent before acting and even then, it would have been after they were getting letters from the various bodies saying there was no representation from the person CTUSAB had nominated.