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Doc wants $1/2m back

Antoinette Connell

Doc wants $1/2m back

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Embattled doctor Alfred Sparman is suing the owners and operators of Bayview Hospital to get back more than half-million dollars deposited after a buyout deal went bad.
Sparman, through his attorney Queen’s Counsel Alair Shepherd, has started court proceeding after the business deal fell through more than four months ago.
Late last year ADIS, a company led by Sparman, put in a bid to buy the hospital’s 4 281.3 square metre property for $4 800 000 and made the deposit of $480 000. The company also paid down $50 000 for the actual business, including the use of the name Bayview Hospital, contracts and its equipment. Court documents, which include copies of the agreements, stated that the sales were to be completed by January 31, 2013.
However, problems forced a postponement until February 28, 2013, and staff members were informed about their continued employment and that the offer to renew their contracts was still good. When the second deadline was missed, the vendors called on ADIS to pay up by the end of 28 days or forfeit its deposit.