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Barbados rapped

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Barbados rapped

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A FINANCIAL ADVISER says the Barbados Government still hasn’t mastered the art of dealing with international investors and it’s losing out as a result.
In fact, Gregory Fisher, managing director of institutional emerging markets sales at investment bank and full-service investment firm, Oppenheimer & Company, has suggested that even though Jamaica’s economy has been struggling for over 30 years,  it’s still a more attractive prospect for investors than Barbados which was once on the list of most attractive bond issuers.
He said the preference for Jamaica debt  was not a matter of credit rating, but one of confidence and the government’s outreach to the international investment community.
“I think the Jamaican government is more seasoned and they know how to deal with international investors. The Barbados Government has not mastered that as yet,” he was quoted as saying in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper yesterday.