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Boy Attacked by Akita

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Boy Attacked by Akita

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DAVID PROPHET CLARKE is making an appeal for common sense and sound judgement to prevail in the type of animals people keep.
He also wants the full weight of the law to come down on those who endanger the lives of others by keeping such animals, especially without having them properly secured.
This appeal comes in the wake of his 11-year-old son Zende being bitten by an Akita around 6:30 p.m. yesterday near their St James home.
Zende was reportedly attacked by the dog which scaled a fence and chased him as he returned from a nearby minimart. He ran into the yard of St John the Baptist church where he fell, and it was there his mother Connie and sister Ifetayo went to rescue him after hearing the screams.
In a release to the media, Clarke said his wife and daughter found the Akita biting and dragging Zende across the yard. They struck the dog with a nearby sign and brick, “but the vicious animal refused to let go”.
After the dog finally released the youngster, it chased Ifetayo, who had to run to avoid a similar fate.
Clarke, who was at the Divi Southwinds Hotel assisting with the Ronald Suki King International Checkers and Draughts Festival at the time of the incident, said his family was in shock. His wife Connie was devastated by the incident and Ifetayo suffered an asthma attack as a result.
Zende received bites to his left leg and both hands.
Police visited the scene and spoke to a neighbour.
Clarke said his son could have died if his mother and sister had not intervened.
In May 2012, three pitbulls attacked Deborah Darlington, Kemar Barrow and his son Kamali in Kingsland, Christ Church.