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Crime spike

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Crime spike

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A rash of shootings and apparent gang clashes is causing unease among the police and public.
Police sources told the WEEKEND?NATION that illegal drugs may be at the centre of many of the gun crimes.
An anonymous gang member told the WEEKEND?NATION yesterday: “Money dry up, drugs dry up and the fighting now start.”
The man, who was liming on a block in Brittons Hill, St Michael said marijuana was scarce in Barbados. He said that over the last few months police confiscation of cannabis growing on several acres in St John, St Joseph and St Lucy had led to an acute shortage of the drug.
“Right now it hard to bring in weed, so men planting their own thing and when the police go in and destory the plants it means that yuh got to start over planting again and it takes time for the plants to mature”.
In another startling find yesterday, police intercepted two assault rifles and three magazines hidden inside the shell of a 40-inch flat-screen television within a box. The weapons were discovered at a courier service located in Christ Church.
Police have scheduled a Press conference for today to address the growing gang clashes, one of which turned deadly on Monday. (AC/MB)