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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Maintain law and order

Reverend Errington Massiah

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At last it seems as though the police in Barbados are willing to take action against those who break the law by parking on sidewalks, which has now become the norm in Barbados.
This column has highlighted this problem in not one but two articles.
We have a very bad habit in Barbados of not taking any form of action until things get out of hand.
Why is this?  We must be strong enough and nip things in the bud because when they get out of hand they will become very difficult to pull back.
I am still convinced that sidewalks were made for people to walk on and not for vehicles to park on.
Apparently the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) made an announcement sometime last week that they would be taking this problem very seriously and would be taking those law breakers before the law courts.
Do not tell me that there is no where around Bridgetown where parking can be provided. Still, it does not give drivers of vehicles the right to park on the sidewalk.
We must stop looking for excuses for wrong doing. Take for example if someone lives in Central London, England, he or she does not take his vehicle there because the parking space is not there. But rather he or she would go by train or bus.
What I find interesting isthat persons who live in big countries – e.g. Canada, England and the United States of America obey the law. Why can’t we in Barbados do likewise? Is it because we in Barbados failed to carry out the law?
Tell me, when those vehicles are parked on the  sidewalks where  are the pedestrians going to walk? The only available space would be in the roads.
We now live in a society where people are breakers of the law on our statute books. The question is why is this happening in an age when persons are very educated?
Come on police. You have a tow truck – you must use it or rent one. You have my support do what you have to do in order to maintain law and order in our country.