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Cry against violence

by Yvette Best

Cry against violence

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Residents of New Orleans and the surrounding areas spoke in unison last night as they loudly denounced the increasing spate of violence spreading across the country which took the life of one of their own – entertainer Irvin Fatman Weekes – last Monday morning.
Speaker of the House of Assembly Michael Carrington, who is also the parliamentary representative for the area, braved the light showers with all the others who showed solidarity in a candlelight vigil which started at President Kennedy Drive where Fatman lived,and ended at Londy’s Bar, Wharton’s Gap, where he was shot and killed.
Carrington was firstto speak and paid tribute to his slain friend.
“We have to stand up and make a statement against the senseless nonsense of crime and violence. I’ve heard all forms of excuses made and people find all kinds of reasons, all kinds of people to blame. They want to blame Government, they blame police and so on. But I honestly believe, though, that you know the difference between right and wrong. . . .You have to take responsibility for your own actions,” Carrington said.