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Lucky escape for homeowner

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Lucky escape for homeowner

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IF EVERTON “TREVOR” JONES had lingered a few minutes longer under his car, he might not have been alive today.
The 60-year-old father of two was in his garage in Well Gap, Cave Hill, St Michael, working on the vehicle around 12:30 p.m. yesterday when he received a surprise visitor.
“I had the car jack up checking out the alternator and as I done and walk way, I hear the hit, but I didn’t register it,” he said.
It was only when Jones peeked into his garage that he received the shock of his life – a truck carrying a load of marl had crashed into the shed, settling part-way onto his car.
“When I look out, I see the truck on to the house. I was really lucky; if I was still under the car, I would be dead,” he said.
The shaken driver of the truck, Carlisle Bham, of Palmers, St Thomas, said he had stopped the vehicle to ask directions when the accident occurred.
“I had just come to a stop and was calling the office to find out which gap to deliver the marl. I put the truck in reverse and parked, but the weight was too much for the truck, so it was ‘jumping’ through the reverse [gear],” Bham said.
“I tried to start it because when it is parked, the steering is locked, so I was fidgeting with the key and trying to steer it to turn up on a well, but I clipped it [the well], went up an embankment and into the house.”
The truck also damaged a parked car which Lloyd Bishop, of nearby Lodge Hill, had left there that morning. He said he saw the accident.
Police said the house shifted a little off its foundation but there was no other significant damage. (CA)