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PUDDING & SOUSE: Superstar drops her sidekick

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Superstar drops her sidekick

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We knew it was bound to happen, we just didn’t know when.
It seems that a close friendship between a superstar and her BFF has finally imploded.
Word reaching P&S all the way from Africa is that the diva has sent her BFF packing back to Barbados after the two of them had a massive fall out.
Of course, nothing has been posted about this feud on Instagram or Twitter as yet, but everyone can’t help but notice the glaring absence of this sidekick, among the many family and friends who are living it up in the motherland.
Word is that she is back in Bim pining away and has not left her house or even gone on the internet.
We will wait and see if the diva can move on without her biggest enabler and cheerleader ever present at her side.
Help a must
Friends of a church-going woman are now convinced that she is in dire need of psychiatric help.
Over the years she has had counselling from her pastor and other leaders of her church and she most likely has even had divine intervention. But this woman seems to be a trainwreck. Although she professes her Christianity she is always making headline news for her bad behaviour.
One would have thought that after a very recent public appearance that this woman would have retreated to heal her wounded heart. But just the other night the police were back at her St Michael apartment after she had a dispute with her boyfriend.
Stripper promoted
THE woman who took her clothes off at her workplace and paraded her naked body for all her colleagues to see has been promoted.
P&S understands that she was recently given a supervisory position.
Her subordinates want to know if this is the new requirement for moving up the ladder.
They have also warned management that if she ever supervises them in her birthday suit they would all go on strike.
In a pickle
A certain man has been left to fend for himself now that his male lover, who is also his supervisor, has gone on sick leave.
Apparently the supervisor would prepare a meal and bring it to work for him everyday, but now that he has fallen ill, the poor man is walking around the workplace picking up bottles so that he can get enough money to buy a meal.
Hit hard
A?man?got more than he bargained for when he invited a mother of two into his house.
This was an exchange that proved to be a robbery. The woman was paid for the entertainment she provided but wanted more, and unknown to the man at the time, escaped with some jewellery.
She and her nuisance family have tried to cover up the unfortunate episode but those who live close to the nearby bread shop are fully aware of what went on.
Residents say the entire family is not one to be proud of.
Taken for a ride
An?elderly man, who hates to buy a shirt or a pair of shoes for himself, gives away huge sums of money to a woman, who has never worked in her entire life.
The woman who thrives on ripping off old men, is taking advantage of the man who runs a lucrative family business in a certain market place.
It has to be said that many people who frequent the area have little sympathy for the man as he or any member of his forever cheap family have never given away a dime in their lives.
The man has told friends he is lonely and wants companionship. However, he has chosen the wrong soulmate and is paying a heavy price.