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ATM targets

Maria Bradshaw

ATM targets

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The third?Bulgarian who slipped out of Barbados as police were closing in on the criminal group of Eastern Europeans that skimmed several automatic teller machines (ATMs) is still being pursued by local lawmen.
Police say they also have other targets on their radar who are suspected to be involved in the biggest ATM?heist in Barbados.
SUNDAY?SUN investigations revealed that the suspect left the island and headed for Antigua before flying to Britain and on to Switzerland, where he was held by police. At the time he was found with US$10 000.
Mark Thompson, Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, confirmed that police in Switzerland released the suspect and he was now back in Bulgaria.
He explained that when the suspect was held it was still very early in their investigations.
“Police in that country would have needed evidence in order to retain him. He was not caught with any Barbadian currency and we would not have had sufficient time to apply for a warrant of arrest,” Thompson explained.