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DEAR CHRISTINE: Help me before I kill this man!

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Help me before  I kill this man!

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Dear Christine,
How do I start? Let me begin. I’m living with a man who is causing me so much hurt, disrespect and everything that you can think about when it comes to abuse, that
I’m at the point where I feel like stabbing him like crazy.
I’m tired of the phone calls, his messing around, how he calls me names like a “woman dog”, cursing me around people and my children, and making me look “small”.
At this point, I have nowhere to go because my family is not in the island. I cannot tell my few friends or my family how he is treating me.
I lost my job and cannot pay house rent or support myself or my children at this moment.
So for now, he’s doing everything – messing around and then coming home accusing me of being involved with someone; making up and singing a lot of dirty songs about me. I cannot take it anymore. I really cannot. There’s tightness in my shoulders and my chest and my body is tired from all he’s doing.
 It is true that he is the father of my three children. To make it worse, I’m at his mercy.
I’m fighting hard to get back a job. My children keep me from losing it day by day, However, it’s that breaking point that I’m trying hard not to lose.
Yet it is happening.
He fights to have sex with me and rips my clothes off. Fighting him is hard but I don’t mind because he shows me he has no respect for me in everything that he is doing. Yet he wants to have sex with me – hell no!
He says I have to give him or leave his house so that he can bring someone to sleep next to him. I’m going to kill him. I know every day I get angrier and angrier.
Now he does not even want my children to talk to me. I pray and pray for help to get out before I hurt him. He sleeps next to me and I sit and watch him, studying how I’m going to do it. It’s too crazy.
I ask God to help me get out and get a better life even though I know this man will try to nag and bug me. At least, I know I’m out of his house and from around his family.
Christine, please give me your advice before it’s too late. Please!
– KA
Dear KA,
Your letter is so heartbreaking. It hurts me to know what you are going through. Please, for your sake and the sake of your children, don’t do anything to hurt this man.
You may be tempted to harm him, even kill him as you’ve stated, but is he worth your having to spend time locked up in a prison cell away from your children? Is he worth the pain and anguish your children will go through if you give in to that temptation?
Of course not!
Leave this man to himself and he will reap exactly what he is sowing.
In the meantime, I’ll like to help by assisting you and the children. This will give you back some level of independence, so you won’t have to be totally dependent on this beast of a man.
Please call 430-5470 and leave your contact number with the person at the other end of the phone.
Hang in there and keep saying those prayers. Your letter is top priority and I’ll like to make contact with you at the earliest opportunity.