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My sole story

Natanga Smith

My sole story

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“Why do you need so many shoes?”
If you’ve ever been asked this question, continue reading this blog. If you haven’t been asked this question, still feel free to keep on reading.
I have just returned from vacation and since I’m back at work, Editor-in-Chief Roy Morris has been making wisecracks about my shoes.
He has said that my shoes don’t match what I am wearing and also “Why the different colours?”
After being prompted, pushed and cajoled into writing a blog, I felt I should start with my love of shoes.
I grew up seeing my mum wearing high heels from four to six inches high to work and then to play. I developed a deep appreciation of a woman’s relationship with shoes when I started to wear them myself.
My posture changed . . . . With heels I added extra height to my 5’7” frame . . . . I felt sexy, confident and in control of how I was seen by others.
I have a shoe addiction – there, I’ve said it! I replenish my shoe “closet” every three months or so because I trawl the Internet looking for bargains.
Yes, I love a sale. There, I’ve said that too! I have never bought shoes that cost over US$20 – including Nine West and big name brands.
Why pay full price when you can pay 70 per cent less at markdown?
The same shoes that cost US$120 and over eventually go on sale to make way for the new season of heels, pumps or boots.
Stores are also able to sell high quality, high fashion shoes at this kind of pricing because they work with a selection of high-end shoe manufacturers on a direct basis. These are high fashion styles like those sold by top designers for hundreds of dollars at retail – so, the quality is first-rate.
Why are so many women addicted to shoes? Explanations range from practical to therapeutic. On the practical side, we know no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. So, for every look we go out in, of course we need a unique pair of shoes to top it off!
After all, shoes can make or break an outifit. Shoes also last longer than clothes because unlike our dress size, our shoe size doesn’t change – so, we can always wear our favourites, regardless of whether or not our favourite pair of jeans fit that day.
But, there’s also something more about shoes – when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, a great new pair of shoes often works wonders.
If you can’t afford to “quench your thirst” for new shoes every week or when you feel down, do like me and browse the Internet – there’s nothing better than seeing what is out there and adding it to a cart!

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