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PUDDING & SOUSE: Another union crumbles

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Another union crumbles

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THAT tell-all book, which has been selling like hot cakes on Amazon, has caused another relationship to crumble.
Word reaching P&S is that after losing her big-up job, a certain woman just couldn’t take the shame and scandal anymore and has packed up and gone back to her homeland, leaving her husband, who by the way featured prominently in the book, to battle his demons.
Word is that she discovered that hubby was running around with a younger woman and she told him in no uncertain terms that she now realized that the truth about him was revealed in the book.
Seems that Mark is not the only one to have fallen!
Bracing for battle
IT was definitely a heartbreaking occasion for a certain high-profile businessman when he served divorce papers on his wife this week.
Apparently he is bracing for what is sure to be a battle royal from his wife over the big mansion they own and the many luxury cars they drive.
Reports indicate that the husband is surrounding himself with a high-powered team of lawyers who can go up against the big-up legal eagle who horned him two years ago and who he is sure will be representing his wife.
They want to know
Workers at a Government institution want to know when a supervisor, who is behaving like a love-sick puppy, will open his eyes and see that the woman he is dealing with is only using him.
This woman works at the same place and she has a long record of sleeping with the drivers. Everybody in the workplace is talking about her and they feel for the poor supervisor, but nobody can tell him anything because she is always guarding him from the other workers.
And staff want to know since she has gone through the drivers if she will now start a trend of targeting the supervisors.
All stressed out
Doctors at a health institution may find themselves having to treat staff there over the next few weeks for stress-related symptoms, headaches and probably acute anger.
Apparently a lot of people have been falling ill after discovering that a certain politician has given orders that a number of staff were to be appointed, including many from his constituency.
Other employees want to know what the Ministry of Health is doing about this situation since they do not believe that this man should have any say on appointments because he is no longer associated with Health.
Show of sympathy
Help is coming for the man who has been forced to pick up bottles at a certain depot because his lover is critically ill.
Staff have been feeling sympathy for him, especially since he is also sleeping out in the cold.
They have decided to give him meals and shelter until his lover boy returns to work.
Strategists steering clear?
POLITICAL WATCHERS are questioning if there is a swing away from an influential person by two top strategists. And they point to the remarks both made in relation to a very important matter as a possible indication of where their loyalties now reside.
The man made an off the cuff gaffe and was pilloried for it by the public, particularly women. Both men added their voice to the issue and stated their disappointment with the statement in strong terms.
After their statements, people on the man’s side suggested one only took his position because he was now having regular meetings with the man’s opponent; while the other is said to be out of favour with the man and his team, so his thoughts were expected.
However, those close to both men defended their professionalism and their knack to be on the winning team, suggesting if these two are no longer partial to this man and his team, then that organization’s demise is inevitable. We shall see.