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Caribbean essence

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Caribbean essence

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Mention the name David Alleyne within any social gathering of artists or art lovers and you’ll receive a positive comment about the artist himself or of his work.
Alleyne, a veteran fine artist, has been creating exotic and dramatic pieces since entering the artistic world back in 1992.
His landscapes, house portraits, seascapes and figurative, vibrant pieces easily capture the true essence of what the Caribbean represents; such as boys pitching marbles near the seaside, Black Belly Sheep making their way home, fishermen hauling in their catch of the day or just nature at its best.
What can be said of him is that he enjoys capturing indigenous aspects of Barbados.
Some of Alleyne’s pieces can be found in a few galleries, including On the Wall Art Studio, companies around the world and among personal collections.
You can call him an artist on the go, since many of his creations always find a home soon after they come to life on canvass. (CH)