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Ri-Ri spin doctors can’t fool me

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Ri-Ri spin doctors can’t fool me

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De Rihanna show get postponed. De spin doctors out – technical problems associated with transport cited as de reason fuh de cancellation.
Come again, Live Nation, we big but not foolish. Tell de truth: de ticket sales was going slow.
I hear two weeks ago dat iffing wunnah had not already sent plenty containers of equipment, wunnah woulda cancel de show.
Nuff people disappointed – boutiques, hotels, car rentals and on and on. I didn’t have a ticket so I can’t be disappointed. I did mek it clear I was not going because de las time I save up me hard-earned money to enjoy something called VVIP, whichin suppose to mean Very Very Important Person, it was anything but and I know de same local suppliers did gine be running things again. So I will see my girl Rihanna in a big show somewhere over in away. Very Very Inadequate Perks is what dat VVIP did mean fuh me!
Look, we love dat girl like only she mudda and fadda could love she, but money tight dese days. Even my dog Chavez, de other day when I ask he how things looking, he bark, “Ruff, Ruff!”
And den de no-confidence motion; I still trying to understand both sides of dis thing. Nuff talk coming from de Opposition, petition to be signed, big meeting in Queen’s Park and den only three of wunnah talk in Parliament? Seriously?
Who gine to a meeting at 3 p.m. pun Sunday? Dat is beach or sleep time, two non-compete Bajan pastimes. And as fuh Government, wunnah didn’t unpick wunnah teeth in de debate. Only Chris; dat look like wunnah did running.
When de dust settle though, somehow dis was like percolation without climax; something start sweet but fizzle out. It look like de Opposition come out de worse. Remember it is perception, wha de spin doctors does call de optics, dat matter.
And Chris, first, yuh put yuh foot in yuh mouth again, then a second time when yuh say “No apology”, and then yuh treat we like we is idiots by claiming somebody want to shoot you? I expect dat from a schoolboy in Form 1. Yuh would know how many men, including de Vendor, threaten to shoot somebody and we don’t have even a BB pellet gun? You ain’t no fool, Chris, but neither is we de public.
And if as reported de police got credible evidence, bring de two men to justice. Dem fellas does solve complex crime where actual shooting and murder does occur; I sure dem could find two dat mek threats dat credible!
And I noticing in Amurca, 20 states now got laws approving medical marijuana. CBS 60 Minutes had a whole programme pun it a few weeks back and de thing advance far. So how come de countries dat growing de stuff lagging behind? My boy Ralphie raise de issue’ ’bout medical marijuana at a lecture last week at Cave Hill and he mekking de case of use fuh medicinal purposes. And de minister of justice in Jamaica, Mark Golding, also indicating dat a review gine come there also.
Dis talk ’bout medicinal use remind me of a fella who use to drink heavily but was always in denial dat he was drinking on de job. One day he get summon before de chairman an’ he get boisterous an’ insist dat he does only rub with alcohol fuh medicinal purposes. De chairman tell he, okay, but from now on mek sure you don’t do any rubbing between de hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m!
 I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?