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DEAR CHRISTINE: Stop crying down youth

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Stop crying down youth

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Dear Christine,
I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. This is not a man and woman thing, but I am very hurt.
A few weeks ago I went to a fair and you would not believe it. There was a woman talking all over her face and pulling down a young girl. She was saying all sorts of bad things about this girl.
Apparently when this girl was going to school, she dealt with a lot of men when she should have been in the classroom.
Now that she has finished school she is worse. This woman was pointing out this girl to everybody she came into contact with that Saturday.
What has me real vex is that this same woman has four children from three different men. Therefore, she should not be crying down this young girl.
Everyone, at some point in time in their life, made mistakes; some more than others. What she should be doing as a mother and grandmother is trying to talk to this young girl about her life and letting her know what she is doing she will regret some day.
Would you believe after all the bad things she was saying about this girl, when the girl passed very close to her, she called her and told her how good her clothes looked and asked her where she bought them? How much more nasty can one be?
I believe she only called the girl so that the people would get to see her face better.
This woman has one grand-daughter so far and she is a little slow, so when she is crying down people’s children, she must bear in mind that if her grand-daughter had looked like anything, she could be like any other young girl too.
As parents and grandparents we need to stop bad-talking people’s children and thank God that so far, ours are not like others. You can give a child everything except a mind.
In fact, some things have to happen to some children to bring them to their senses. I believe the reason why some young people return to prison time and time again is because of some of us like to cry them down and throw things back into their faces.
I was very bad when I was young because of the company I kept. There was no one to direct me. Today, I am happily married with two children and two houses.
[My advice is this]: Please stop bad-talking and putting down these young people. They have families who are hurting and you make it worse by bad-talking them. You don’t know what is going to happen to your children.
In fact, things may not happen to your children but they may happen to your grandchildren.
Please stop and put yourself in these people’s shoes. I hope this letter touches all gossipers.
Dear Tired Of The Pulling Down,
You’ve written much truth. Too often rather than show young people love, we ridicule and criticize them. It’s little wonder that they go searching for love and affection in all the wrong places and from all the wrong people. We need to accentuate the positives in their lives and educate them concerning how to take care of their bodies.
Too many of our young people are hurting because of the negatives we speak into their lives.
We must let them know that we care and we need to speak to them in love, rather than condemn them. We also need to point them in the right direction, while recognizing that we as adults also made some bad choices during our early years.    
I hope many will be guided to show more love and affection towards the youth and that your letter serves the purpose for which it has been written.