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Five weeks of garbage on City street

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Five weeks of garbage on City street

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RESIDENTS of Combermere Street, The City, say the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA)?has failed to collect garbage in the area for the past five weeks.
“This is ridiculous; if this was the heights or the terraces this would never happen,” said one angry woman who gave her name as Donna.
She complained that she was forced to close up her house especially at night to keep out the stench from the huge garbage pile-up which was also attracting rats, flies and stray dogs.
A resident said he had been calling the SSA every day and only last week he was told that the refuse would be collected this week.
“They told me that the Bobcat broke down and they did not have any trucks to come, but yet still I see the Bobcat picking up garbage cross the road,”?he said. “This is now five weeks that they have not come out and the garbage almost five feet tall.”  
Residents said the area at the corner of the street was where they had been dumping garbage which was usually collected once a week.
“We have been telling them for years to put a skip out here because it is a one-way street, but out here is the poor man area so they ain’t care anything about we,” a very vocal Donna charged. (MB)