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Minister: Think of NIS claims’ impact

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Minister: Think of NIS claims’ impact

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Doctors and workers have been asked to exercise greater discretion when giving and taking sick leave because of the effect it could have on the National Insurance Scheme’s (NIS) funds.
Minister of Labour Senator Dr Esther Byer Suckoo said while concerns had been expressed about how NIS money was spent and invested, not enough was being said about the impact of some claims on the scheme.
“We are not hearing the level of concern about the claims that are made – the sickness claims and the employment injury claims. We need to be mindful of those claims . . . . We want for that money to be there when we actually need it because you genuinely cannot work or because of retirement.
“I still always try to urge doctors and employees to be prudent when submitting claims because while you are thinking it is your money and it might help you to take the time off now, [you] also need to think of the wider impact on the fund in the later years,” Byer Suckoo said.
She was speaking at Accra Beach Resort where the Coverley Medical Centre hosted a seminar titled Occupational Safety And Health Concerns – Addressing Productivity And Economic Issues.