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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Silence not golden

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Silence not golden

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A dark cloud is hanging over the future of a certain entity that has been steeped in controversy and disappointment over the last few years.
The thing is, this need not be so if the major player involved with the entity would simply consult the other players, in the manner that they should, to ensure everyone was in agreement with the decision that is likely to be made next week.
From what Cou Cou was told, the major player has decided to get into bed with an investor who was extremely kind to them earlier this year. And there is nothing wrong with that.
However, since quietly signalling their intentions to a select few, this player has not communicated the final plans and, worse, has not gone to the other players to let them know of the decision.
The others are most upset and are spoiling for a fight if the wrong move is made.
One player said he wasn’t surprised at the silence as this is the style of the person taking the lead for the major player. They are only hoping that this person gets all of his facts right and does not make a hash of it the way he did another important matter two months ago.
Number’s up
A top executive in the numbers business is said to be calling it a day.
Cou Cou understands he is leaving the regionally owned financial institution he is with to open his own business.
But others in the industry doubt this. They believe that given this man’s vast experience, he is unlikely to take such a plunge at his age in an economy that is forecast to see no growth for the next two years.
They contend that another company is trying to woo him with a big carrot, similar to the one he is now leaving.
Exit strategy
Political watchers are questioning if there is a swing away from an influential person by two top strategists. And they point to the remarks both made about a very important matter as a possible indication of where their loyalties are heading or now reside.
The man made an off the cuff gaffe and was pilloried for it by the public, particularly women. Both men expressed their disappointment with the statement in strong terms.
People on the man’s side suggested one of these people took his position only because he was now having regular meetings with an opponent; while the other is said to be out of favour with the man and his team.
However, those close to both men defended their professionalism and their knack of being on the winning team, and suggested if these two are no longer partial to this man and his squad, then that organization’s demise is inevitable. We shall see.
Swollen head
Staff at all levels in a critical agency established to ensure Government gets its due are not at all happy with the behaviour of a certain big-up affiliated with the place.
They reported that this man comes into their office and talks down to people as if he is their executive boss and not a political appointee.
They said, too, he cannot stand anyone disagreeing with him and is always ready to tell people they are talking foolishness.
What the staff finds particularly upsetting, though, is that no one seems to recognize this man’s approach is hurting staff morale in a big way, and this is why the agency is not firing from all cylinders.