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Boy stabbed

Maria Bradshaw

Boy stabbed

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An air?of sadness enveloped the Pinder household at Cypress Street, The City, yesterday as family and friends grieved over the death of 14-year-old Andgan Smith, who was stabbed several times to the chest, allegedly by a 12-year-old playmate.
The incident occurred on Friday evening near a pasture not far away at Pondside, where Andgan and several other children were playing. He died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Police were yesterday still trying to locate the 12-year-old who also lives in the Nelson Street area.
Andgan’s grandmother, 50-year-old Sandra Pinder, who raised him from the age of seven, said it hurt her to break the devastating news to his mother, Diane Payne, who lives in Guyana and who was due to travel here on Tuesday but was trying to get an earlier flight.
Surrounded by her teary-eyed family, including Andgan’s 15-year-old sister Annake, Pinder said her grandson left home on Friday evening to go to the play park at Pondside to play football with his friends.
The grandmother said it was only after the stabbing that she learned that Andgan and his friend had a fight over a dollar the evening before.