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New rules for dexterity test

Trevor Thorpe

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A steel roof or hoop over the driver and penalties for infringements of the regulations will govern the Barbados Auto Racing League’s (BARL) Fully Broad Dexterity Test at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre’s car park today starting at noon. 
And league chairman Stefan Hinds says it will be a head-to-head clash between the JDM Squared Club, a street club, and BARL as prizes will be at stake for outstanding performances, as well as door prizes.
Penalties will also be applied to drivers making wrong directions, hitting and moving a drum so that any part of the surrounding marked circle cannot be seen, or if the drum is knocked over, as well as for a false start and for failing to come to a complete stop before the cones at the end of each test.
Exclusion for driving recklessly during a test, between the parking area and the test area or in the car park will not escape the eyes of the officials.
In addition, vehicles must pass scrutineering, submit a fully completed entry form and have the $40 insurance fee paid. 
A valid Barbados driver’s licence must be shown when entering and no alcohol or illegal drugs are to be used within 12 hours of the event or whilst participating in the event. Care must be taken by all competitors against mounting the curbs surrounding the test area.
At the end of each test the car must be brought to a complete stop before reaching the cones and then be driven slowly to the competitor parking area.
Competitors will also be excluded for driving recklessly during a test, between the parking area and the test area or in the car park.
An impressive line-up of BARL drivers, including Kenrick ‘Snappa’ Husbands in the Williams Equipment/Hilti Toyota Starlet, Danny Croney at the wheel of the SDRR Hydraulics/Conoco Phillips/Croney Enterprises/NG Electrical Inc Toyota Starlet, former group 2A champion Jason Harewood in the Mark’s Auto Spares/Do-it-Best/Gaskin’s Garage/JVM Signage/ SDRR/Castrol/Genesis Touch Toyota Starlet, Ryan Francis in the Clyde Best Workshop-prepared Ford Escort MkII and Stuart Knaggs in the God & Company Toyota Corolla.
The JDM Squared Street Club will be pinning their hopes on the Pinto brothers; Derek and Nicholas, Jerun White and Justin Moore to bring find winners’ row during the eight hours of action.