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Guest poser below par

Mike King

Guest poser below par

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The much-hyped exhibition from world-class pro bodybuilder Shawn “The Flexatron”?Rhoden, was a flop.
There was a hush in the crowd at 10:10 p.m. when the affable and majestic Jamaican weighing over 250 pounds took the stage. Sadly, though, he was as smooth as a satin sheet.
It was a let-down especially from a man who flexed muscle just three weeks ago in Madrid, Spain, capturing fourth place at the Arnold Classic Europe.
Rhoden acknowledged that his performance was below what was expected, placing some of the blame on non-stop flying over the last few weeks.
“It’s been crazy since Spain. I wanted to come here in better condition but it’s been tough, having been flying since Spain. From there I went to Switzerland, then it was on to Washington DC, then on to Ireland and here,” he said.
“No excuse. I?just got to [do] better preparation in terms of my scheduling. I would like to come back and show the fans what I am capable of.”
Before Rhoden stepped on stage, Marlon Dottin and Ramon Dodson had the fans cheering as they dominated the men’s physique competition. Dottin, 36, took pride of place, with Dodson the first runner-up. Rocky Kewley of Trinidad clinched third spot.