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Oldsters muscle-in

Mike King

Oldsters muscle-in

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It seems?that bodybuilding fans still have to wait for a while before young guns such Ramon Broomes, Dave Archer, Laron Gibson and Dario Bryan, step up to the plate.
The Darcy Beckles Invitational Classic held over the weekend at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre was further proof that the old guard such as Hoskyn Worrell and Joseph Bourne are still potent forces calling the shots.
Worrell, a multiple divisional winner at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Championships and Bourne, the co-owner of the Fitness Zone gym in Hastings, Christ Church, presented the most complete packages of the night.
Only the judges felt that Bourne should have been second to Gibson in the open contest as he certainly was in better overall shape than everyone else in that competition. It is the second time that he has endured bad luck at the Classic and he clearly had the look of a disappointed man.
Worrell has the heart of a lion. Beaten thrice this season by Stevenson Belle, he came in his best shape and recorded an emphatic victory over the Barbados champion.
He blew Belle away in lat spreads from the front and back, had the best rear biceps in the contest, matched Belle in the side chest shot and was much sharper in the abs/thigh pose.
Both Worrell and Bourne are now 48, and certainly the former has nothing left to prove on the local circuit.
“I have won five of the six Classics and I am not sure if I will be back. My focus for next year is more overseas. I want to do the Emerald Cup that will be held in Seattle in April and then head to Trinidad for redemption as I lost out there to Belle this year,” Worrell said.
The biggest disappointment of the night was Broomes. Good enough to win Mr Barbados last year, he couldn’t even make the top six of the Classic, struggling to nail his condition.
Bryan, 22, Gibson 25, and Archer 27, all gave good account of themselves, but must know the time has come for them to make that quantum leap. Both Bryan and Archer have wise old heads in their corners and much is expected of them next season.
Archer, who has promised to work on his upper chest, is under the guidance of former Barbados and Caribbean heavyweight champ, Roger Sealy, while Bryan has turned to Beckles, a world-class amateur of the mid and late 1970s.
Gibson’s lower body remains an issue. He requires more separation in his legs and his calves are weak. He was lucky to nose out Bourne in the open contest.
Therold Babb is still struggling to find the formula for success. His comeback was disappointing, as he failed to make the top six of the open contest.
The guest posing exhibition was a flop. World-class pro Shawn “The Flexatron” Rhoden, fell very short of expectations and was in sub-par shape. It was a let down to see a man who flexed muscle just three weeks ago, turn up baby smooth.
He is not the first international guest poser to disappoint and contest organizers here will have to think long and hard about engaging the services of these pros in the future.
Rhoden says he wants to make a noise next season by capturing the Arnold Classic, adding that only then will he be considered a threat for next year’s Mr Olympia.
The majestic Jamaican thinks he has the gifts to challenge Phil Heath.
“Aesthetic wise, I think I have a better look and a better physique, it is just a matter of filling out my muscles and working on my back a little more. I can bring what he has with a little more width.”