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Petition against school sex videos

Lisa King

Petition against school sex videos

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Enforcement of the cellphone ban at schools, increased surveillance and the presence of guards are being proposed as measures to curb the proliferation of school sex videos in the island.
These are the measures being demanded in a petition drawn up by Roger Husbands, chairman of Drug Education and Counselling Services, who wants 5 000 signatures on the document that he plans to present to Government.
Husbands, a youth pastor and counsellor, said his petition was prompted by the discovery of two more videos depicting secondary school students engaging in sexual activity.
This follows the story and picture published in the SATURDAY?SUN of October 26 with a boy and girl of a secondary school engaged in a sexual act. The picture was a still taken from a video that had been published on Facebook. 
Husbands said the banning of cellphones would stymie the filming of such acts and curb the worrying trend of the sale of videos over mobile phones.