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He’s pulling a disappearing act

rhondathompson, [email protected]

He’s pulling a disappearing act

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Dear Christine,
Two months ago I met a really wonderful man. We met when I dialled his number by mistake.
We started a conversation and ended up spending two hours on the telephone. At the end of it he said he travelled often and gave me his cell number (so I could reach him anytime).
When we spoke I was “back home” for a three-week vacation. During the first week of talking to him, we met at a local restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Throughout my visit, we met in public each Friday night, but we never visited his home. I invited him to my hotel room for lunch on one occasion and he accepted the invitation.
Since my return to New York, each time I call his cellphone I always get his voicemail. He never returns any of my calls until late at night and then complains about how tired he is. I know he works for a big firm and that could be stressful, but does this sound funny to you?
The most we have ever done is kiss.
– A.F.
Dear A.F,
This not only sounds funny to me, but I believe this man is married or is in a committed relationship. I doubt he is tired each and every day. Perhaps he is not available during the day because of work, and he has to make calls late at night after “the wife and children” are asleep. He may even have a “guys night out” and that was how he was able to “date” you while you were on the island.
My suggestion is to quit while you’re still ahead, and stop the calling. By the way, does this man ever call you?
You have the option, of course, of boldly asking him if he is married, but don’t count on his answer to be factual.