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Highs and lows of sex

Corey Worrell

Highs and lows of sex

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It isn’t often that most segments of society have similar interest in a topic, at the same time. Over the last ten days, remarkably, the discussion about sexual activity amongst young people and its effect could be heard and seen on social media, in shops, on public transportation, at dinner tables, in staff rooms, on radio programmes, in classrooms, at political meetings as well as from the pulpit.
I have always found it quite amazing how the word sex creates so much interest and discussion and at times embarrassment and awkwardness. There are a few other words which also provoke great interest and debate: submission (in the context of relationships), tithing, racism, human rights, homosexuality, evolution and the existence of God.
Come to think of it, outside of woman, salvation and the power of thought, sex is one of the most amazing things God created. Speaking from the perspective of a man, at times it functions like a counsellor and can help resolve many problems; it can be more efficient than Panadol Multi-Symptoms and soothe many aches and pains; and it can be just as effective as going on a spin bike and helps burn calories. Similar to watching a great movie, it can leave you joyful, relaxed and peaceful and finally for some, it can be the catalyst for an amazing night’s rest.
Lowered its value
As powerful as sex may be, we as a people have lowered its value, tarnished its sacredness and ignored the beauty of how God intended it to be. Many of us continue to defile the boundary of marriage that was meant to protect it, even though we see how these actions have complicated our lives and are destroying our young people. Fornication and adultery are as common in our lives as cellphones and computers, whereas purity and faithfulness are as foreign as a pay increase for public servants or substantial growth in our nation’s economy.
We adults and parents should be ashamed of ourselves. We criticize young people for their scandalous and promiscuous behaviour when they learnt it from us. We allow the sexually provocative music and videos to play in our homes and cars; we allow them to wear enticing clothing and carry themselves in seductive ways; we encourage our girls to skin-out, ‘bend-ova’, twerk, pat and crank, crab-back and bubble and stick while the boys
 are behind, between, on top and under them daggering, jucking and stabbing at school fairs, fetes, concerts, house parties, on the hill, at the beach, in the public service vehicles and on the boats.
Over the past week I have made a disturbing observation, which may be subject to correction. The situation with the students having sex has generated overwhelming support for sex education to be taught in schools. There were many other suggestions offered, but disappointingly it broke my heart that little to no discussion was made for the promotion and adoption of righteous living or abstinence. What we saw in the paper was the end result of a bigger problem and the more we step away from the principles of Christ and holiness, the greater our problems will be.
When will we ever learn? To do the same thing over and over and expect different results can be defined as madness and stupidity. Condomizing should never be advocated with more fervency and importance than abstinence. It builds character and self-worth and can lead to a life of purity. I dare any of you reading this article to dispute the fact that if we had all practised abstinence until marriage and faithfulness within marriage, the world we know would be a great and better place.
Abstinence is possible. My wife was 28 and I was 27 when we got married. We abstained until then and we are reaping the benefits of a beautiful marriage. It was hard, but it was worth it.
I want to specially invite you to join me this Sunday at 5:30 p.m. as I sit on a panel to discuss Sex And The Youth at The Kingdom Life Ministry located in Diamond Rock, Speightstown. Come hear how I did it.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Email [email protected]