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Support for Drug Treatment Court

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Support for Drug Treatment Court

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THE MUCH MOOTED Drug Treatment Court, which is slated for a first quarter 2014 opening, already has keen interest from members on the bench.
Speaking last night at Prison Fellowship Barbados’ annual Angel Tree launch, Magistrate Ian Weekes said he and all those who have the training are looking forward to the court.
“Given the percentage of persons who come through the system as it is – [I] don’t have the statistics for you today – but those who are on drugs is a very high statistic, burglaries principally. Of course you’ll have your possession and they will have enough to be charged with supply, but they’re wreaking havoc on families.
“That Drug Treatment Court is designed, not to lock up, but to assist those offenders through a treatment process. And it’s over a long period with necessary professionals who will work with the court. And at the end of the process, we expect Barbados will see a major change in terms of where we’re going,” he said.
Weekes said he and several of his colleagues on the bench have been doing drug treatment work and counselling for a long time, and that the difference now will be the formal court.
Children of inmates have been receiving Christmas gifts, hampers and other necessities through Angel Tree for the past 21 years.(YB)