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Sex video warning

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Sex video warning

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Charges could be brought against parties involved in the circulation of pictures and videos purportedly showing two secondary school students having sex in a classroom.
The warning came on Wednesday night from Magistrate Ian Weekes.
“I believe that those persons responsible, two weeks ago, for what may have been published and for a lot of Barbadians who are circulating this, because Barbadians who are circulating this information don’t seem to understand that that is in breach of the law,”?Weekes said in remarks at a charity function.
“You can’t circulate that information. So I’m sure that some of these individuals may appear before us in future.”
Last week, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite queried whether publication of a photograph of the students in the October 26 edition of the SATURDAY SUN did not violate the Child Protection Act and called on the relevant authorities to investigate the matter.
Weekes said that any type of behaviour exhibited in schools “did not just happen”. (YB)