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Another Jamaican to sue

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Another Jamaican to sue

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A Jamaican man is suing Barbados, claiming that he was imprisoned for two years without a court hearing, a newspaper in Kingston said yesterday.
The Jamaica Observer reported that 50-year-old Jahnoy Cassells planned to seek damages for false arrest, wrongful imprisonment, pain and suffering.
Over the past three years, the paper has been chronicling allegations by Jamaicans of mistreatment by Barbadian authorities, the best known of which is the Shanique Myrie case.
Cassells was quoted as saying that he came to Barbados at the invitation of the Barbadian parents of his girlfriend from Guyana, where he was living. He said his troubles began when he went to the Immigration Department in January 2010 seeking a work permit to hold a reggae show on the island.
He said: “[The immigration officer] just said ‘we don’t want you here’. I asked why and said what he was doing was wrong, but he took my documents and arranged for me to be taken to the [Grantley Adams] airport.
“They locked me in a cell and tried to deport me the next day,” he said. (GE/Jamaica Observer)