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Sunset hues

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Sunset hues

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When was the last time you watched a beautiful sunset – as the sun bids farewell and slowly fades away to make room for the moon to shine?
If you’re unable to give a positive response you can still appreciate the sunsets on this page.
Three artists – Jean Blades, Norma Farmer and Marilda Weatherhead – have done justice to Caribbean sunsets as seen only through their eyes.
Whether the hues of the sunset were orange, red, or made marvellous with a hint of yellow, they were able to capture the beauty of each sunset in living colour.
The sunsets which can be viewed at the Frangipani Art Gallery at Sugar Cane Club Hotel, remind us of the splendour there is in nature – if only we were to stop a while from our busy lives and catch a glimpse of the awesome beauty afforded us just minutes before the moon rises from its slumber. (CH)