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Video with a global vision

Natasha Beckles

Video with a global vision

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?Two Barbadian young men with a passion for video production have come together to start a business aimed at bringing innovations to the field.
Nu Visual Media, which was launched on October 1, is headed by chief executive officer and founder Kishmar Shepherd and chief operating officer Damien Pinder. Although it is primarily a video production company, it will also provide photography and social media management and marketing services.
“I don’t think other video production companies in Barbados have really embraced online video, producing videos specifically for online [and] using social media to market videos. That’s what we’re trying to promote in Barbados,” the CEO explained during a recent interview with BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY.
“It’s something new and it’s kind of hard for people to come on board but I believe once we show and prove people will buy into our new approach to video production,” he said.
Shepherd has worked as a freelance photographer, videographer and writer in Jamaica where he was also the assistant director for the Jamaican television show Island Rockers. Pinder, who has worked on several video productions in Barbados and received Caribbean awards both for his film directing and journalistic talents, noted that online videos were in demand internationally.
“What I always tell people is that there are big global brands that would have a production that is just on YouTube . . . that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. As much money as they have they don’t just spend money wildly so the fact that they are putting money into online video in terms of YouTube shows that there’s promise there,” he said.
Shepherd said the response had been positive so far.
“A lot of people are interested in social media [marketing and management] especially because a lot of businesses don’t know how to use social media to really maximize their brand’s potential and draw new customers from Facebook and YouTube and Twitter.
“[Also], people who have seen our work are very receptive of the quality that we bring to video production,” he said.
Shepherd said that it was difficult to start a business in a recession.
“Video production itself is not a very cheap service. Our services are pretty reasonable but . . . even large businesses tend not to have a budget in place for video production specifically,” he said.
He added that some people were still sceptical about how social media marketing worked and how sales could be generated from Facebook or YouTube. On the video production side, he said the company wanted to produce a number of shows specifically for the online platform “to really engage Barbadians and show more of ourselves on screen”.
“I want to see a lot more local productions being broadcast and I think while we may not have the money or the infrastructure to do it on CBC or in the cinemas on a larger scale, we can do a lot of online videos to create a culture of seeing Barbadians on screen representing our culture,” he said.
Pinder said they also wanted to get Barbadians accustomed to seeing themselves in high quality productions. The CEO said that he and Pinder had a global scope for the business.
“We’re starting in Barbados but we don’t want to limit ourselves to Barbados,” he said, noting that they had already started making regional and international links.
Nu Visual Media currently collaborates with Ikonik Social Media Agency in Jamaica to produce a weekly motivational video. The aim of this is to motivate young people and entrepreneurs to take charge of their lives and aspire to greatness. The company has also been awarded the contract for the local franchise of popular international online video series Balcony TV which features bands performing on balconies around the world.
Shepherd noted that the company was open to other parties assisting with this production, which he believes can help to promote not just local musicians but the island as a tourist destination.
“We’re open to other entities coming on board and helping us produce the best Balcony TV that is produced anywhere in the world. I want Balcony TV Barbados to be the best and I believe that we have the scenery and we have the talent to do it.
“We’re just getting off the ground and we have limited resources so we would definitely accept any assistance technical or otherwise from any other entity in Barbados who would like to come onboard,” he said.
The CEO said that he was grateful for the support received so far from owner of the Yellow Bird Hotel Geeta Chatrani who provided the balcony where the demo of Balcony TV Barbados was shot. That demo resulted in the company being awarded the contract to produce the local show.?