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Solar cry


Solar cry

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AT LEAST 100 jobs would be created and millions of dollars more in needed foreign exchange saved if Government gave an incentive to lower-income householders to buy solar water heaters, says Henry Jordan, sales director at Sunpower.
And yesterday he called for VAT to be removed from solar water units or, at worse, reduced to 7.5 per cent from the current 17.5 per cent, saying such a move would stimulate the industry.
Jordan explained there were about 45 000 households without units and this VAT concession, plus an incentive, would allow those who gross between $2 000 and $3 500 per month to purchase units.
He said the estimated $2 million loss in VAT receipts annually would be recouped from income tax and consumer spending from an increase in the numbers employed in the industry.
The executive spoke with the DAILY NATION after a tour of his company in Searles, Christ Church, by Minister of Industry Donville Inniss, Permanent Secretary Philmore Best and senior business development officer Anderson Cumberbatch.