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Why complain? Neffin gine change!

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Why complain? Neffin gine  change!

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I really don’ know why Bajans don’ lef’ de Minister o’ Finance ’lone. Duh cyhan see he got de backin’ o’ de Prime Minister in all dat ’e sayin’ an’ doin’?
De ethuh day de PM come out an’ say we cyhan expeck Mr Sinckler to wuk miracles in dese hard economic times, an’ later on, he tell we he don’ see no need fuh any apology from Mr Sinckler concernin’ ’e remarks ’bout Ms Mottley! C’dear!Wuh mo’ yuh want to hear?
Women organizations an’ all ethuh right-t’inkin’ Bajans lookin’ fuh dah apology could’s well fuhget it. Now wuh mo’ lef’ to say or do?   Got de picture now?
Ness, lemmuh gi’e yuh an example! Say you wukkin’ wid a comp’ny, an’ wunna had a staff member doin’ wuhevah de devil he or she like – tekkin’ advice from nobody – howevah good it might be. De res’ o’ staff, seein’ whey t’ings headin’, start speakin’ up ’bout de situation, as duh en want to see de comp’ny go down de drain. Day after day, complaints keep comin’, but de boss en tekkin’ no notice, ’til finally one day, he come out an’ say as far as he concern, de staff member right in all dat ’e doin’. Wuh dah should tell wunna? Yuh don’ t’ink um is time fuh de staff to shut duh moufs, stop complainin’ an’ get on wid wuhevah it is duh got to do? Neffin gine change!     
We got de same situation. Mr Sinckler remin’ muh o’ de Rock o’ Gibraltar, faif. In all my born days I never hear anybody was evah able to move dat Rock, an’ nobody cyhan move de minister neithuh! So lef’ de goodly gentleman ’lone to get on wid wuh ’e doin’ – or en doin’. Cut out all de talk ’bout shootin’ anybody an’ try to t’ink  positive ’bout de future. Jes’ accep’ de Minister got de PM blessin’s in wuhevah ’e doin’ an’ we cyhan do “squat” ’bout it.  
De Opposition don’ inten’ to gi’e up so easy doh. Duh hol’ meetings to put we in de picture ’bout how t’ings goin’, had a mass rally whey t’ousan’s went out to lissen an’ sign a petition ’gains’ de Finance Minister to show duh great displeasure wid ’e performance, an’ finally went to Parliament wid a no-confidence motion. Wuh happen?  Not one t’ing. Yuh see wuh I mean by de “Rock o’ Gibraltar”?       
Warnin’s en only comin’ from de Opposition. All de finance people who know duh stuff – includin’ de IMF – an’ got de country at heart, sayin’ almos’ daily dat we headin’ down a slippery slope – de lates’ voice o’ warnin’ comin’ from a retired Director o’ Finance and Economic Affairs.
Meantime, Guvment en lissenin’ to a soul. De Finance Minister an’ his merry ban’ o’ men ignorin’ all warnin’s, an’ “carryin’ on smartly”! De Sandals projeck he been boastin’ ’bout, seem to be comin’ t’rough, but befo’ it happen, yuh would never imagine hummuch had to go in dah “pot” to attrack Sandals –  all manner o’ concessions an’ tax exemptions over de nex’ forty years! Sandals mussee cyhan believe duh luck. You mean we so poorly off, dah was de onlies’ way to get dem in hey? Han’ out all manner o’ “sweets”? Well, beggars cyhan be choosers, but I wanta see how de minister gine explain ’way dis deal to de ethuh hotels dat been proppin’ duh up all dese years.   
De way t’ings gine, de onlies’ t’ing lef to do is fuh Bajans to hope an’ pray dat one day we don’ finally fin’ weselves up dah well known creek widout a paddle!   
Tek care o’ yuhself.
Yuh frien’, Babsie.