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Squatters in wait-and-see

Lisa King

Squatters in wait-and-see

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Squatters at?The Belle, St Michael are elated at the news that they will be able to have water connected to their homes. But having heard such talk before, they prefer to wait and see what will happen.
That was the general reaction when a MIDWEEK?NATION team visited the district following the recent revelation from Assistant Town Planner Jean Thorne that a new zoning policy would see a reclassification of the restrictions on living in Zone 1 areas. This would result in those living in districts like The Belle, developing the land and have a direct linkage to the water supply.
Coleman Quintyne said yesterday he was pleased at the disclosure and hoped it was not just an idle promise or loose talk.
Quintyne, who has been living in the Belle for 35 years, holds the key to the water pipe at the National Petroleum Corporation’s (NPC) sub-station in Odessa McClean Road, where residents have a hose connected.
“I would rather have my own water,” Quintyne said. “A key is not really saying anything if I can get up and turn my own knob in my house.”