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Dirty water everywhere

Maria Bradshaw

Dirty water everywhere

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Tricia Yearwood’s home is surrounded by water, whether it rains or the sun shines.
The situation has become so uncomfortable that the mother of two feels as if she is drowning in a cesspool of problems.
Yearwood, who lives at Greenidge Road, Hindsbury Road, St Michael, said she had turned to everyone she could for help, including the Drainage Division, the Ministry of Transport and Works, and the Ministry of Health, but no relief had been forthcoming.
The murky water which surrounds her home is not only rainwater but also appears to be waste from homes around her.
Yearwood 32, who has lived in the area all her life, said the water actually started settling about 10 years ago. Government even built a huge well in the area and a gutter along the road but these had not helped her situation.
Pointing out that her house was located along a watercourse, Yearwood said: “I understand that when it rains, water from all over comes down here. The wells were built but for the past two years this situation has gotten worse. I can’t even go into my backyard,” she cried.
An unbearable stench from the water was also a pressing issue.
Six months ago a tractor from the Drainage Division was sent to cut a drain next to her house for the water to flow but Yearwood said this had not alleviated the situation since the only place for the water to flow was into her backyard.
On mornings and evenings when residents are home she also notices that more water settles in her yard. The wells in the area are overflowing and the gutter opposite her home is also full of water.
Yearwood said she was very disturbed about this situation because it was affecting her family’s health.
“One day my three-year-old son was playing ball and he ran after the ball and fell into the water. I had to go and bring him out with all the nastiness all over his body. I can’t let him go outside to play,” she complained.
An official at the Drainage Division said the matter would be investigated.