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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Show youth the right way

Reverend Errington Massiah

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Once again I have to ask the question: What is it that our young people are eating or drinking? Their behaviour leaves a lot to be desired.
It seems to me that law and order does not mean anything to some of our youth and their tolerance rate is very low. They are resorting to violence, which can and will result in murder in some cases. This kind of behaviour is not common to Barbados, as it is also happening in other Caribbean countries.
Why is it happening? Is it because we have fallen down in our homes?
We, as adults, cannot and must not put all the blame solely on our youth. We have to ask ourselves this question: Where have we gone wrong?
We must remember that children or young people need guidance. Are we providing that guidance for them? The answer is no!
As adults we have fallen down in many areas. We have failed to teach them those good values and norms.
Some adults will tell you that those things are outdated and old fashioned. I do not think so, for the good society that we had come to know, was built on those same values and norms.
I don’t believe all or nearly all is lost of course. I do not believe in tearing down things just for the sake of doing so. Sometimes when that is done, what they are replaced by is not worth it.
How many of our young people are brought up in the church? How many of them have ever seen the inside of a church? The only thing that will bring them close to any church is a funeral – and they remain outside.
Also, when it comes to funerals, one will hear that funeral clothes are optional or, “no mourning colours”. To me this is sending a message, which says that most of our people do not have any funeral clothes.
Come on, let us put our hands to the plough and show our young people what is right and what is wrong.